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Table Vaporizer

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Desktop vaporizers are among the traditional devices for vaporizing herbs and concentrates. What is the difference between a portable and a table vaporizer and which one is best for you? We go through all the different devices and show you pros and cons of each of them.

Desktop Vaporizer Buyer's Guide:


In most cases, desktops are larger, more powerful, and more reliable. While many portable vapes use conduction or hybrid heating methods, most desktop vaporizer have full convection heating. Since they are not limited by size, shape, weight, or battery life, desktop vaporizer may generally have better taste, denser vapor, and better efficiency compared to a portable device.

Anyone who has used pen or portable vaporizers but is not satisfied with the performance or vapor development should take a closer look at the table vaporizer. They are taller, more powerful but also more expensive than portable vaporizer. The quality of the vapor and the device itself are usually worth the higher price point. Due to their size and power supply, desktop or table vaporizer are not suitable for carrying them with you.

There are devices equipped with special adapters and can therefore be used in the car. Others have carrying bags. Their main purpose is to provide better performance and rich taste compared to portable vaporizers. While portable vaporizers are a good choice for occasional consumers, table vaporizers are aimed at people who vaporize for medical reasons or simply demand more power.

What types of desktop vaporizer are there?

Basically, there are two types of table vaporizers. There are silicone whip variants and balloon vaporizers. Both have their pros and cons. It makes sense to first decide on one of the two species. The combination of both approaches is known as a dual-action vaporizer.

Whip Vaporizer:

A whip vaporizer is ideal for people who are looking for a hassle-free, less technical and comparatively affordable way to vaporize their herbs. Shishas offer a good comparison, as they offer similar vaping experience. The construction of whip vaporizer is pretty simple. It has two main parts, a heating element and a whip for inhaling the herbs. The whip system usually consists of 3 parts: a glass mouthpiece, a medical silicone tube and a glass chamber for the herbs.

A good whip vaporizer should have the following characteristics: All parts should be easy to remove and clean. The closures and cuts must be airtight to generally improve vapor production and flavor. The operation should be uncomplicated and intuitive. New models feature high-tech LCDs, state-of-the-art technology and advanced temperature controls. They improve performance, offer more possibilities and give the device a modern look and feel.

Ballon Vaporizer:

Balloon vaporizer are often among the more expensive and advanced types of desktop vaporizers. They use a fan - in the best case even an air pressure pump, which circulates hot air through the herbs. A balloon bag then collects the vapor. Some new appliances offer both a hose system and a balloon. Balloon desktop evaporators are becoming increasingly popular due to their steam quality and ease of use. While most hose vaporizers provide a quick and easy way to vaporize your herbs, they can not match the steam quality or quantity of their more advanced and capable colleagues.

Waterfilter Vaporizer:

Vaporizer such as Herborizer, Verdamper, or Sublimator were designed to be used with a glass bubbler such as the EHLE AKW system can be connected and used with or without water. This cools the vapor and additionally filters out impurities. For a very mild vapor experience.

What are the differences between Analog & Digital Desktop Vaporizer?

Several desktop vaporizer (such as the Volcano CLASSIC) have an analog temperature control system, they are no longer up-to-date and are being replaced by digital desktop vaporizers (like the Volcano DIGIT).

The advantage of digital systems is the degree-accurate temperature control. So everyone can adjust the perfect temperature for themselves, resulting in an individualized vapor experience. The best desktop vaporizer will be different for each person. Each one of us has different needs and wishes (material, taste, vapor production, etc.).

Overview of good table vaporizer:

For your convenience we have selected a few good Desktop Vaporizer to get you started. The table gives quick information about the possibilities and prices. The table can be sorted. Simply click in the columns on the black highlighted text. Likewise, you can click on the vaporizer directly and the product page will open in a new window.

Vaporizer Application Temperature control Type
Arizer Extreme Q Herbs Digital Ballon, Whip
Arizer V-Tower Herbs Digital Whip
Aromed Herbs, Concentrate Digital Whip, Waterfilter
Element Herbs, Concentrate Analog Whip, Waterfilter
Enail SZ Crossing Concentrate Digital Waterfilter
HerbalAire Elite Herbs Digital Ballon, Whip
Herborizer XL Herbs Analog Waterfilter
Herborizer Ti Herbs, Concentrate Analog Waterfilter
Micro Enail SZ Crossing Concentrate Digital Waterfilter
Plenty Herbs, Concentrate Analog Stainless Steel
Vaporbrothers Herbs Analog Whip
Verdamper Deluxe Herbs Analog Waterfilter
Volcano Classic Herbs, Concentrate Analog Ballon
Volcano Hybrid Herbs, Concentrate Digital Ballon, Schlauch

Volcano: The Icon

The Volcano Vaporizer (Classic / Hybrid) has been one of the best desktop vaporizers on the market for about 15 years. With its volcano shape design and easy-to-use user interface, this vaporizer has become an icon in the world of vaping.

The Volcano comes in two different versions. Each is equipped with features such as precise temperature control, high quality balloons and a convection heating system. The Volcano pumps hot air through the herbs with high pressure using an air pressure pump.

Key Features:

  • Two styles to choose from. When purchasing a Volcano vaporizer, there are two different options to choose from. The classic style offers analog controls that are easy to use. Alternatively, the Volcano Digit offers an attractive digital display that allows users to precisely set the temperature.
  • With the new Easy Valve system, the Volcano has 5 pre-fabricated and easy-to-use balloons that can be filled with vapor. Each bag can be refilled between 50 and 100 times.
  • Precise convection heating. The vacuum system and the powerful engine inside the Volcano pump fresh air, which is heated to an accurate temperature by the system. This type of heat-up ensures that hot air can flow through the herbs, and with the Volcano Digit you can set the temperature to the degree.


  • Easy to Use (Easy Valve System)
  • Including 5 balloons
  • Konvektion heating
  • Precise temperature control


  • Expensive

Arizer Extreme Q: Unbeatable in price & performance

The Arizer Extreme Q is an improved and reworked version of the successful Arizer Extreme. It is a dual-action desktop vaporizer equipped with advanced temperature control, a three-stage fan, and a medical silicone and borosilicate glass tubing system. The Extreme Q comes with a balloon system that is removable and ensures a high level of vapor delivery, but compared to the Volcano without a valve. The device itself consists of many individual parts wich makes it harder to maintain.

Unlike other desktop vaporizers, which can also vaporize concentrates, the Extreme Q is designed only for use with herbs. Those who only want to vape herbs, will get a device that is unrivaled for a variety of reasons. It is very quiet compared to a Volcano and comes with lots of accessories. A precise temperature control and a heating element made of ceramic in conjunction with a glass head ensure the best possible quality of vapor. What seals the deal, in our opinion, is the extremely low purchase price. So if you're looking for good quality vapor and taste, but still want to spend no more than on a portable device, the Extreme Q is the answer.


  • Heating element made of ceramic
  • Whip and balloon system included
  • LCD digital display for temperature control
  • Simple user interface
  • Remote controls
  • Ships with all necessary parts and components


  • Requires more maintenance then other devices

Plenty: The power pack

The Plenty is a table vaporizer, made by Storz and Bickel - the people behind the well-known Volcano Desktop Vaporizer. It is so small that it can almost be considered a portable vaporizer - but the Plenty must be plugged into a wall socket so that portability in the outdoor or club area is not directly possible. The thing looks a bit weird and not really like a vaporizer, but the Plenty has a performance that practically mimics a combustion of the herbs: strong, supple and rich aroma - without burning.

The chamber is huge, but it can be filled with small quantities. The result is consistent color of the herbs, not hotspots. The cooling element between the chamber and the mouth provides a pleasant and very tasty vapor. The Plenty is ready for operation in about 3 minutes and has 7 temperature levels, of which the highest reaches up to 201 °C. The device unfortunately can not keep consistent heat. But to heat it up again, you can simply trigger the deduction. All in all, the Plenty, despite a few minor drawbacks, provides an absolutely solid vapor experience that is even more fun with friends.


  • The "silent" Vaporizer
  • Can be used with herbs, oils and waxes
  • Ergonomic and lightweight construction
  • High-quality materials
  • Made in Germany
  • Airpath made of stainless steel
  • Convection Heating


  • A kind of getting used to design

Aromed: simple and durable

The classic among the vaporizers. The Aromed can certainly be described as being suitable for the medical use of herbs. Solid design, easy operation and exceptionally good taste are just a few of the benefits of this table vaporizer. The heating element is a dimmable halogen lamp, which has a very pleasant heat development. The herbs are heated slowly, which is one reason of the good taste.


  • Very effective: the hot air stream extracts more than 90% of the active ingredients from almost any medicinal plant.
  • Rapid effect: relief occurs after a few minutes.
  • Glas holder: the extraction process is easy to observe during inhalation.
  • Maximum temperature: up to 235 °C, ready in approx. 2 minutes.
  • Suitable for herbs, oils and wax.


  • Unhandy, since the heating element must be manually guided to the correct position.
  • Only larger amounts can be evaporated.

Vaporbrothers: Wood & Glass

Vaporbrothers offers with the patented ceramic heating element the best taste and safety for the inhaled vapor. There is no metal in the vaporpath even the sieve is made of ceramic. The Vaporbrothers 220 Volt Vaporizer was developed specifically for the european market and includes a "Hands Free EZ Tube Set" with ceramic stem, glass mouthpiece and a glass aroma pot. The EZ hose set can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning.

Herborizer Ti / DigiTi

The Herborizer System consists of a titanium (2nd degree) heating element. All the other parts that come with it are made of borosilicate glass. Therefore, this desktop vaporizer is way ahead in terms of taste and one of the most effective convection vaporizers on the market.

You can choose Herborizer as analog and digital system. The advantage of DigiTi is the possibility of even more accurate temperature control. Thanks to the E-Nail attachment, the Herborizer offers the possibility to evaporate concentrates very effectively too. This vaporizer can be used on almost all water filters on the market and could be an alternative for those of you who already own a water filter. It is also a good introduction to the world of water-cooled vaporizing.


There are two main types of desktop vaporizer: Vaporizer with whip- or balloon system. Both have their respective advantages and disadvantages as described above. So if you want to buy a table vaporizer you should first think about which one is the right one. Newer devices work as a kind of hybrid that combines the best of both worlds.

We hope that this guide could help you with your purchase decision. If you miss something that will help you decide, then let us know. You can also call or email us if you have special questions about a device.