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 We offer you the best collection of...

We offer you the best collection of table vaporizer with automatic temperature control like the Arizer Vaporizer, Extreme-Q 4.0 or the V-Tower, from Storz & Bickel the Volcano Digit and the Classic, or the Aromed Vaporizer from Research & Experience. The analogical Vaporizer like the Plenty and the Volcano Classic working very well by temperature adjusting. Of course the Vaporizer with manual temperature control working also very well by correct use. Glass Vaporizer like the Herborizer and Verdamper give you best taste and best visibility of the steam and mostly they have a water filtering system to save your lungs from micro dust. The viVape, Vapolution and the Vriptech Heat Wand are pure glass vaporizer which gives you the best clear taste. This means you have only hot glass in the inhalation air. Most Vaporizer are combinable with a water filter system which we offer in our shop.