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No vapor in the vaporizer - What can I do?

Want to get more vapor from your Vaporizer? We'll show you how!

You've just unpacked your new vaporizer, read the instructions at your leisure, the device is fully charged, has been sterilized by you and you're ready to go. You put some herbs into the chamber and turn the device on. Then you wait a short time until the device has reached the desired temperature and you inhale: There is NO vapor...What's going on?

Let's first address the fact that an herb vaporizer does not produce the same dense vapor as an e-cigarette or a traditional J. A big part of the vapor experience is in the effect, flavor and aroma.

Try to adjust your expectations in this regard, as this is the only way you can objectively view the device and the effect.

What can you do to improve your vaporizer experience and vapor production?

First of all: Use a decent (good) vaporizer, because only then you can implement the tips we give you correctly.

But something basic first:
A vaporizer does NOT necessarily have to produce vapor to extract the active ingredient. As long as the taste is there and the device heats up, you should be good to go. Depending on what herbs you want to vaporize, you will have more or less vapor. For the "good herbs", the vaporizer also serves as a quality indicator, because the better the herbs are, the more active ingredient can be dissolved and the more vapor is produced.

Other herbs such as: Peppermint or Hibiscus do not produce any visible vapor at all, but even here the active ingredient is dissolved by the vaporizer (It tastes good).

Side note to smokers:
Generally, vaporizers produce much less vapor than a cigarette produces smoke. This can be somewhat irritating. Also, the effect often sets in late and it is much clearer and more pleasant than smoking your herb. But don't let this confuse you.

We have a few tips for you that can improve the result:

  1. Temperature of the vaporizer:
    The set temperature in the vaporizer has a great influence on the amount and type of dissolved active ingredient. The higher the temperature, the more complete the extraction of the herbs. We recommend 180 - 220 degrees for the "good herbs". It is recommended to start at about 180 degrees and after a few tasty puffs and stirring the herbs, increase the temperature by e.g. 10 degree steps. This allows more active ingredient to be dissolved and increases the amount of visible vapor. You can repeat the process up to about 220 degrees. All herbs have different temperatures which should be adjusted as desired. We have compiled a list of vaporization temperatures for the most important herbs to get you started.
  2. Filling capacity of the chamber:
    Conduction vaporizers such as the Starry V3 or Davinci IQ2 work better when the herb chamber is completely filled. You can lightly press the herbs down. If you want to make less in the chamber, you should use a chamber reducer. With a convection vaporizer (Firefly 2+ or Boundless Tera), you should not stuff the herbs too tightly so that enough air can circulate through the herbs. Never overfill the vaporizer, as this will worsen the airflow of the device.
  3. Grind of the herbs:
    The finer the herbs are ground, the more surface area there is for vaporization. But please do not grind too firmly. The herbs should still be nice and fluffy. Whole flowers can also be vaporized by most vaporizers, but there is less vapor, but the taste is better. Each vaporizer has its own characteristics, so it is best to find the right grind by trying it out yourself. We recommend using a Herb grinder for a consistently good result.
  4. Type of herbs:
    As mentioned at the beginning, the type of herb is crucial for vapor production. Peppermint hardly produces vapor, but has a very intense flavor. We recommend trying different herbs.
  5. Quality of herbs:
    Even the best vaporizer can only get something out of the herbs if active ingredient is present. This is different from smoking, where even poor quality will smoke properly.
  6. Moisture level of herbs:
    If herbs are too moist, the vaporizer has a bit more work to do, as it has to dry the herbs first to release the active ingredient. Conversely, extremely dry herbs can also be difficult to vaporize, often because they are very fine and therefore tend to clog screens. Very dry herbs contain less active ingredient. It is important to find the balance between dry and moist.
  7. Draw technique:
    We recommend taking long and gentle puffs especially with convection vaporizers. This gives the vaporizer more time to extract the active ingredient. After each puff, take a short break so that enough heat can develop. Conduction vaporizers are good for "sipping" (small short puffs). Just experiment with the different variables here: Technique, length and strength to find the best result for you. TIP: You can, after the vaporizer has heated up, simply wait a short time before taking the first drag. This will generate more heat and more active ingredient will be extracted at the same time.
  8. Cleaning:
    Vaporizers should be regularly maintained and cleaned for the best performance, so that delicious vapor can also be created. We have written a guide for cleaning.
  9. Try a water filter:
    A water filter can be a solution to increase vapor production, as you can set higher temperatures and develop more draw volume. Almost all manufacturers offer suitable devices or adapters. Cons: Water takes away flavor as does too very high temperatures.

Bonus: All of these factors have an impact when it comes to vapor production. But as mentioned above, at the beginning there is a good vaporizer. A high quality vaporizer will always give better results than cheap products from no name manufacturers. And remember, just because there is no visible vapor, it doesn't mean that no active ingredient is being absorbed. So if you don't end up vaporizing huge clouds (but you do get taste and effect), congratulations, because you've done everything right for a healthier experience and a very good result.

Properly vaporized flower releases significantly more cannabinoids and terpenes than smoking, which means that if you do it right, vaporizing smaller amounts of flower will give you a stronger effect as well.

With these tips, it should now be easier for you to identify any weaknesses in your use and adjust your technique for the best results. If you know any other tips then feel free to let us know.