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Phyto Inhalation

Phyto Inhalation – No smoke, no fire, but it works !

(Qoute translated from the book „Phyto-Inhalation“)

Bert Marco Schuldes / Richi Moscher
Eine Einführung in die Technik sanfter Inhalation
Der Grüne Zweig 218
ISBN 978-3-922708-36-6

Available at our shop !

The new phyto inhalation enables you to inhale active ingredients from almost any plant material. Using only hot air at a specific temperature, the desired active ingredients are released from the plant material without any combustion, condensate, tar etc. Only small amounts of material are needed, compared to traditional methods of consumption like smoking.

Herbs and the effects, how to choose the right temperature ?

The active ingredients in the herbs have different boiling points, depending on the herb, quality, humidity etc. You have to adjust the temperature properly to get the desired effects. The following herbs and their usage, effects and temperatures are only rough guidelines. We are not scientists, and we didn´t do any official tests. It depends on the room temperature, humidity of the material etc. what temperature is actually needed. Always try what brings you the best results. Boiling points of the active ingredients in herbs are usually 130°C - 235°C.

The hot air goes through the herbs using lung power or a fan. The active ingredients are released from the plant material and can be inhaled as a vapor. There are a lot of different vaporizers, with different features, handling and effects. Everybody has to find what suits them best for their needs. We can recommend all of the vaporizers we sell in our shop. You will not find cheap junk goods, only products we tested ourselves and that can live up to our high standards.

Do you still smoke or are you vaporizing yet ?

You can stop smoking but still inhale your favourite materials. A lot of people that stopped smoking still like to inhale, a vaporizer is the perfect solution. And who says that herbs are only good for treatment ? You can treat your tastebuds with a variety of falvours or use legal drugs with legal active ingredients. Tastewise, a lot of people like chamomile, sage or mint. Not all herbs taste good, but what you like as a tea or candy will also taste good in a vaporizer.

The following herbs and their usage are only a small excerpt of herbs you can actually use: