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Bester Vaporizer – mobile Verdampfer & Tischvaporizer im Vergleich

Whether it's a mobile vaporizer or a stationary tabletop vaporizer, cloud power and flavorful vapor are two of the most important criteria for finding the best vaporizer, along with user-friendly operation and the processing of high-quality materials. Some vaporizers heat the plant material with conduction, others avoid direct contact with the filling material or combine both heating methods to bring the herbs to the right temperature.

There are now plenty of vapes on the market, so we present our favorites for the best vaporizer and recommend three models each. All vaporizers that you can find in the store of Verdampftnochmal have been tested by us personally.

Best mobile vaporizer

You can be flexible on the road with a portable vaporizer. Among the best mobile vaporizers for us are the Mighty+, the PAX3 and the Cuboo Stick. All three vaporizers impress with their cloud power, a short heat-up time to the right temperature, and user-friendly operation.


The PAX3, which heats via conduction, develops powerful vapor after only a short heat-up time thanks to its innovative heating elements. You can choose between four different temperature levels. The robust housing made of anodized aluminum and two different silicone mouthpieces will meet the demands of all users. The PAX3 also convinces with its intelligent automatic shut-off. When placed down, it cools down automatically; when the mouthpiece is touched with the lips, it starts to heat up.

Finely ground herbs and a tightly packed filling chamber provide thick clouds and an excellent taste, at the same time more puffs are possible with only one filled herb chamber.

The draw resistance ensures to draw enough vapor from the heating chamber with less draw. With its outstanding features, the PAX3 can most definitely be called the best vaporizer with conduction heating system.

Cuboo Stick

The convection heating Cuboo Stick as one of the best portable vaporizers for herbs and concentrates convinces us with its slim design and first-class vapor clouds - in session mode or on demand. Optionally you can use a glass mouthpiece, the battery can be replaced if necessary. Best vaporizing efficiency is achieved with a medium grind of the herbs and a light to medium compression in the herb chamber. Operation and handling are simple as well as user-friendly, so we can recommend the Cuboo Stick with its fair price as one of the best mobile vaporizers.


Made in Germany, the Mighty+ from Storz & Bickel impresses with its elegant design and optimized haptics. Due to the fluted housing, the vaporizer does not get hot and feels comfortable in the hand while vaping. The small feet provide an improved stand than the previous model.

The heating chamber with ceramic coating heats the plant material to a maximum temperature of 210 degrees. The Mighty+ is our first choice and for us the best portable vaporizer, as its enormous vapor production for a portable vaporizer rivals that of the Volcano.

Best tabletop vaporizer

Among home vaporizers, the Volcano Hybrid, the Arizer XQ2, and the Herborizer Ti system are our three favorites. Which one is the best tabletop vaporizer for you depends on your needs and demands. All three vaporizers impress with their vapor quality, high-quality workmanship, and ease of use.

Arizer XQ2

The Arizer XQ2 is one of our favorites among the best tabletop vaporizers and impresses with its new replaceable air filters and insulated air path - both of which promise good vapor quality. The vaporizer relies on the convection heating method and brings the herbs to the right temperature with the all-in-one aromatherapy system with balloon and hose connection.
In terms of price-performance ratio, we can recommend you the Arizer XQ2 as one of the best vaporizers.

Herborizer Ti

The Herborizer Ti's system with its glass head is great for small amounts of herbs, oils, waxes, and other solid materials at temperatures between 90°C and 300°C. With the optional e-nail for dabbing oils and waxy substances, the stationary vaporizer reaches temperatures of up to 500 °C. The innovative design allows for easy switching between herbs and concentrates, making the Herborizer Ti undoubtedly one of the best tabletop vaporizers.

Volcano Hybrid from Storz & Bickel

User-friendly and easy to use, the Volcano Hybrid features a ceramic filling chamber. As the successor to the Digit, it is one of the best, if not the best, tabletop vaporizer. You can choose to use the classic balloon system or the new tubing system, which allows you to adjust the vapor development even more precisely and inhale only the vapor you want.

You can set the hybrid via the app, which also applies to the automatic shut-off function. A herb grinder is included in the scope of delivery. The heating process has been improved by the double heat exchanger, and the device is ready for vaporizing after a short heating time of only 40 seconds.