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Tips & tricks for using a butane lighter

How to use a butane lighter - the right way

We recommend to press the button of the lighter slowly.

Filling the lighter:

  1. Only high quality butane gas should be used. (e.g. Tycoon) It is important here that it was cleaned several times. Often "Near Zero Impurities" is also written on the cans.
  2. There should be no open Flame in the proximity during filling.
  3. Set the flame size to low.
  4. If necessary, the lighter can be vented with a pointed object. To do this, simply press in the filling nozzle until there is no more hissing noise. The lighter is now empty of gas and air.
  5. To fill the lighter, turn the can with the gas and the lighter upside down. Fit the appropriate filling nozzle. Carefully insert into the filling opening of the lighter and press for approx. 5 seconds.
  6. The lighter should have room temperature before it is used again.
  7. Adjust the size of the flame as desired.