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Mobile Vaporizer

Every day a new portable vaporizer appears with great features and accessories. It is an exciting time for vape enthusiasts worldwide. But what is the right portable vaporizer for you? (more)

Table Vaporizer

Desktop vaporizers are among the traditional devices for vaporizing herbs and concentrates. What is the difference between a portable and a table vaporizer and which one is best for you? We go through all the different devices and show you pros and cons of each of them. (more)

Parts & Accessories

We have made it our mission to offer spare parts and accessories for all our vaporizers. From our experience we know that after the purchase of a vaporizer the search for spare parts or exotic accessories begins. We would therefore like to make the search easier for you. If you can't find... (more)

Vape Pens

Vape pens allow you to enjoy dry herbs, oils and wax in a simple and effective way. They are very similar to e-cigarettes and offer a great alternative to traditional smoking. There are devices that are designed to use only with dry herbs. Other so-called dab pens are specially designed for use... (more)

Medicinal Vaporizer

Here you will find vaporizers that have a medicinal approval and can be purchased from a pharmacy. Some health insurance companies cover the costs. (more)

Vaporizer Bundles

We always compile bundles of different vaporizers and / or accessories for you. (more)

Special Offers

You can save money with our vaporizer special offers . With the multitude of new and older vaporizers in the market , it's always worth visiting this section to get a good deal. Our discounts and special offers are updated regularly to offer you interesting vaporizers at low prices. (more)


Vaporizing is better than smoking. The e-cigarette can be an alternative to the tobacco cigarette. Our E-Liquids are manufactured in Germany and USA and are subject to strictest controls. The technology of the E-cigarettes is mature and the devices tested by us function flawlessly. The liquids... (more)

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Vaporizers are suitable for phyto-inhalation of herbs & oil. Since there are many different devices available, we have compiled the most important information for you to make a purchase decision from our point of view.

Read our Vaporizer Buyer's Guide. If you miss any information, we are happy to extend the article. For us it is important that especially beginners get a guide that makes their purchase decision easier.