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Venty and Skinny vaporizers from Storz and Bickel

Two new vaporizers from Storz and Bickel?

Finally, the fog is lifting a bit in the rumor kitchen.

The Venty will be unveiled soon, the newest vaporizer from S&B!

When. On October 17 there will be the new keynotes from Storz and Bickel about the Venty, hopefully there will be real true information there.

But just a new vaporizer? There is another new model from Storz and Bickel circulating on social media, the Skinny Vaporizer!

Speculation allowed, let's take a look at the little info we have circulating on the internet at the moment.

Photos say more than words, here is a picture with the front of the Venty. The display and the control buttons are arranged like on the Mighty. The power button is located on the side, as usual. At the top of the head, we see the air control wheel on the side.

the Venty Vaporizer, the latest device from Storz and Bickel

But first things first.

Jürgen, one of two CEO's has already been spotted on Instagram as he obviously steams a new device. In the forum is reported about the two new vaporizers, we hang on.

The Venty would thus yes the successor to the Mighty+, but has no replaceable battery, this could be based on the background that for medical approval no replaceable batteries are allowed. Since there will always be a Medic, we assume that the Venty Medic will be of the same design.

We see a cog in the cooling unit, this will probably regulate the airflow. That's probably where the name "Venty" will come from.

venty vaporizer in the opened state, the cooling unit is disassembled

An additional screen in the cooling unit stops fine particles from entering the inhalation air.

Venty Vaporizer Scope of delivery

The multitool is apparently included, but we do not see where it should be plugged in. This is because there is only the USB C port at the bottom. See picture in the Product placement

The Skinny Vaporizer

The Skinny would be the successor to the Crafty, but the pictures clearly show a replaceable battery. This will only be supplied by S&B and will not be a standard 18650 battery. Thus S&B would like to avoid that X-any 18650 batteries are used.

The design is very slim, we assume that the name "Skinny" therefore stems.

Image source

Like its predecessor, the Skinny has no display. Four LED lights indicate the temperature levels. There will be an Android app for the degree-accurate setting and other functions.

Nothing exact we do not know, we speculate here whether they are successors, because the Mighty+ and the Crafty+ can be produced yes further.

We'll get more info on October 17, when Storz and Bickel bang out the latest keynote.