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Information and education about vaporizers and vaporizers

Vaporizing, the best and healthiest alternative to absorb herbal active ingredients directly and quickly into the bloodstream!

How does vaporizing work?

The active ingredients go directly into the bloodstream without affecting the body's circulation, i.e. there are no circulation problems when vaporizing. No cold hands, no heart palpitations, no sweating. The body does not have to defend itself against the toxic poisons that are produced by burning and smoking. The steam is very pleasant to feel in the throat and pharynx. The effect is natural and pure.

How can the active substances evaporate from the herbs?

Each plant material has a certain boiling point at which the essential oils and active ingredients are released and emitted from the plant material in a vaporous form. Not all plant materials release steam, but still produce flavor and effect. Peppermint, for example, feels very cool and gentle, but produces little to no vapor.

What can be vaporized?

Basically any plant material such as herbs, flowers or roots.

What does vaporizing taste like?

Vaporizing herbs and oils is a very intense taste experience, provided you have a good tasteless vaporizer. It basically tastes like you are eating or sucking the plant materials. Not all medicinal herbs are delicious and our taste buds are different but what tastes good to us as tea or as candy, tastes good to us when vaporized.

What is a vaporizer, vaporizer or also called vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a heating device that can reach and maintain a certain temperature to vaporize certain herbs. The heated air is moved through the herbs by lung power, a diaphragm pump or by a blower into the herb chamber. The herbs are passed through a stream of air at 190 degrees, heating them to the point where the active ingredients dissolve and can be inhaled.

What kind of vaporizers are available?

Most vaporizers work with electricity and are tied to the wall socket.

We distinguish between:

Mechanical vaporizers

Which you have to heat yourself with a jet flame, or mechanically temperature-controlled devices with bi-metal technology, which always heat automatically up to a set temperature, or a temperature set by the manufacturer.


Electric vaporizers

which allow digital or bi-metal temperature control, vaporizers that control the heat with a potentiometer (knob) or vaporizers that have a fixed temperature. The heating elements are made of metal, steel, resistance wires, ceramic, stainless steel, etc. There are very many different heating methods and not all of them are good, so much in advance.

The energy sources needed are: Lighter, jet flame, electricity, rechargeable batteries and butane gas. There are definitely some more exotic ones that work with solar energy or friction.

Inhalation methods:

Direct inhalation by one's own lung power, here the consumer determines the air speed and the volume of vapor.

The balloon mode: Some vaporizers have a pump or a fan with which the hot air is transported through the herbs to fill a bag with it. The vapor can then be inhaled from the bag (balloon).

How much does a vaporizer cost?

Vaporizers are available from 40 euros and upwards the limits are open some noble devices are sold for over 600 euros. We test all of our vaporizers to ensure that they are of the highest quality and we reject all "inferior" vaporizers.

What should I look for when buying a vaporizer?

First and foremost, pay attention to the quality, warranty and service of the manufacturer. Pay attention to the materials used! Let us explain to you which heating technology (heating element) is used.

Which vaporizer is the right one for me?

We have made different experiences and tested most vaporizers on the vaporizer market. Poor materials in the vaporizer spoil the taste and produce toxic fumes. Even metals in the hot air stream produce ions that we inhale during inhalation, ok many will say" let's leave it at that". Every household has electrical appliances which emit emissions that are actually unhealthy. However, one should distinguish that we are talking about inhalation, i.e. a direct absorption of the active substances into the bloodstream. Softeners, heavy metals, solder, steaming capacitors and electronic components should be avoided.

If you have the possibility test some devices at friends or borrow a device, some specialized dealers lend vaporizers for small money. This way you can also find out if a vaporizer is right for you at all.