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NEBULA GmbH (Vapman)

 Vapman Vaporizer 
 vapman is the...

Vapman Vaporizer

vapman is the world’s most efficient and best tasting thermal extraction device for herbs and concentrates, designed in Switzerland and sustainably handcrafted to perfection in beautiful South Tyrol, Italy.

Created with the experience of a professional and constantly improved by the perfectionism of an enthusiast - vapman achieved its unique character, uncompromising vapor quality, and a history marked by knowledge and innovation.

The Vapman Crew combines decades of experience with advanced technical knowledge to break new ground in the pursuit of quality vapor. From a ingenious idea in the early 2000s, right up to what they feel is the best manual thermal extractor today. With the smallest ecological footprint possible, Vapman forges a path to excellence, crafting the thermal extractor of the future while protecting the natural world that inspires us.

The philosophy

Vapman prides itselve on being unique and they stay true to their roots and don’t try to be something they are not. The Vapman is a honest, hand crafted, quality thermal extraction device, driven by the strong guiding principles to become a business known for its honesty and authenticity.

From their uncompromising product and their dedicated customer service, to the supplier selection and transparency. For vapman there is no end game. Every day they push themselfs to learn, pioneer and make a difference whilst staying true to who they are.


Vapman blends the passion and knowledge with the best materials available to craft the next generation of thermal extractors. Their values have helped them to build a company that they are proud to run and work for, and they live and stand by these values every day.


Because “first class vapor” is Vapmans mission, they put passion into pushing the benchmark of vapor quality. By using the latest technologies, vapman is constantly trying to find ways to improve - to align their business with the very best.


Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Dolomites, Vapman feels passionate about their location and preserving the environment that inspires them. Everything produced by the vapman team is handcrafted locally in South Tyrol, Italy, and of course Vapman only uses local materials.

Handmade of natural materials

Inspired by nature, INHALE embodies passion and technical finesse while enabling a deep connection with mother earth and her botanical treasures. The combination of natural raw materials, flawless Swiss / Californian design and masterful Italian artistry give life to an everlasting product, unrivalled in performance.

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