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Zeus Arc GT3 Vaporizer

Item number: 2627

The Zeus Arc GT3 is an impressive portable vaporizer that brings powerful and potent vapor and hides in your palm.

Category: Mobile Vaporizer

259,00 €

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Zeus Arc GT3 - Herb Vaporizer

The latest vaporizer from Zeus impresses with a gold-plated cooling element and a gold-plated vapor path. With haptic feedback, an internal acceleration sensor and other clever functions, the Zeus Arc is an absolutely solid device that meets the latest requirements for a vaporizer.


Special Features

  • Cooling element & vapor path are gold-plated
  • Powerful 3500mAh battery (built-in)
  • Motion Sensor
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Integrated tool
  • Anodised Aluminium Finish
  • 3 Temperature Settings: 205°C (401°F) / 215°C (419°F) / 225°C (437°F)

Design & Processing

The Zeus Arc was developed in Germany and offers a robust yet elegant construction. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the Zeus Arc lies comfortably and securely in the hand. Because of its small size, the Arc GT is very discreet. Due to its unobtrusive design it could also be a portable charger or an e-cigarette lying on your table. The hard coated aluminum case feels stable, but is not too heavy. The whole device itself is clean and of high quality. It's best described as a mixture of the Pax 3 and the Davinci Miqro.

The heating chamber is gold-plated, which leads to improved extraction and high vapor production of your herbs. Because the vapor path is in contact with the gold-plated heat sink, the vapor can dissipate heat much faster than with other materials (only GT Version). This allows for a more even and cooler steam and a rounder overall experience. If the Arc is not used for about 30 seconds, the device will detect this and cool down the herbs.

Main features of the Zeus Arc:

Here you find a short overview of the main features of the Zeus Arc Vaporizer:

Brand Zeus
Model Arc GT3
Size 2,3 x 4,2x 8,7 Centimeter
Temperature range 205 - 225 Celsius - 3 Levels
Type of Heating Conduction
Heatup Time approx. 45 seconds
Battery 3500mAh, approx. 90 min. Operating Time
Color Matt Black
Warranty 3 years from manufacturer

How to use the Zeus Arc GT3:

The Zeus Arc GT3 is easy to operate. There is no learning curve like with other vaporizers. To switch it on, just press the button (the recessed mouthpiece) for about 2 seconds. A long vibration will show you that the device is switched on. The Arc has 3 preset temperature levels. It automatically heats up to the last set temperature. The heating time is comparable to a Crafty+. So it's not the fastest. On the side of the Zeus Arc there is a blue light pulsating which turns green as soon as it is ready for operation. We recommend packing the herbs tightly, as this ensures the best performance. The Arc comes with a magnetic tool that sits flush on the bottom of the vaporizer.

The Zeus Arc will vibrate as soon as it is ready to vaporize. We recommend pulling slowly and long. To change through the 3 temperature levels you can simply press the start button. By shaking the device the battery status is indicated by red LEDs. The built-in 3500mAh battery provides a very good performance. With it you get approx. 90 minutes of vapour production which corresponds to approx. 6-9 sessions. (Depending on the selected temperature level and your vaping habits) A USB port under the tool makes it easy to charge the battery. You can pack the tool on the magnetic mouthpiece as long as you want. So it won't get lost. The Zeus Arc GT3 can be operated at any temperature level thanks to the possibility of a firmware update. You can download the software here:

The shape of the device (shovel-shaped) makes it much easier to fill the Zeus Arc. You can collect the herbs from your bowl directly with the device. The included tool helps you to pack the herbs.

The Zeus Arc GT3 comes with a mouthpiece similar to the Pax 3 or Davinci IQ. An adapter connection for almost every water filter or bubbler is available separately. Unfortunately, the cooling element and the sieve have to be replaced, which takes a little more time in practice, but is not really a problem.

After 10 minutes in use, the arc switches off automatically. If only small amounts of herbs are to be vaporized, you can simply use the supplied chamber reducer (spacer). This is simply placed in the chamber and reduces it by about 50%.

LED Status Indicator:

What do the colours of the LEDs mean? This table explains it to you:
LED Action
Solid Red Indicates battery level
Pulsating red Indicates charge
Flashing Red Shows low battery level/td>
Solid blue Shows the change of temperature levels
Pulsating Blue Indicates heating up
Solid green Ready to vape
Pulsating White Indicates cooling down
Flashing Yellow Indicates a possible malfunction

Vapor Production:

The Zeus Arc is a pure herb vaporizer that delivers absolutely convincing steam through conduction. It is best to start with a low level and increase slowly over the duration of the session. We recommend stirring at half the session. You can simply use the magnetic tool.

  1. Stage 1: tastes very good and best reflects the aroma without flattening you too much.
  2. Stage 2: offers a balanced experience between steam and taste. This is the setting we use most often.
  3. Level 3: Ideal for vaporizing the last of your herbs. The steam will be a bit rougher than the other levels and will push you straight into the couch. The third level may be a bit too warm for some people. Here we recommend using the water filter adapter and a bubbler or water filter.

The gold-plated heat sink and vapor path do a good job of cooling the herbs on their way into your mouth more effectively than other materials without changing the taste. A very interesting design choice that we think pays off (only GT). Since the heat sink is wrapped in silicone, the question is whether the taste will change. Fortunately, Zeus used a high-quality medical silicone that feels pleasant to the touch without adding unnecessary tastes or smells to the vapor.

How to clean your Zeus Arc GT3 Vaporizer?

Compared to other vaporizers, the Zeus Arc requires very little cleaning. The insulated airway facilitates cleaning and can be easily brushed with a pipe cleaner. The herb chamber can be wiped with the supplied Q-Tips. Mouthpieces, sieve and cooling element can be placed individually in isopropyl alcohol. Take care when removing the sieve in the airway. Since these parts are very small, they can easily get lost. The cleaning can be done with a little practice but simply by hand. Attention: The silicone mouthpieces should only come into contact with alcohol for a short time. Afterwards rinse everything with clear water and let it dry.

Pros- and Cons of the Zeus Arc


  • High Vapor Production
  • Large Herb Chamber
  • Intuitive Functions & Attractive Design
  • Gold Plated Heat Sink for Effective Cooling
  • Haptic Feedback & Acceleration Sensor


  • No Complete Temperature Control (3 settings, but work well)
  • No Replaceable Battery
  • Tool can easily get lost

Accessories from Zeus

The company Zeus Arsenal has been in the vaporizer business for many years and has already supplied us with good devices like the Smite. We are especially interested in accessories. Here Zeus offers a range of useful utensils such as the Bolt Grinder, Zeus Iceborn V2, or the Zeus Armor Case. Cleaning utensils such as Q-Tips which are already soaked in alcohol complete the product range. For those who want more juice on the go, there's the Zeus Charge, a slim power supply that can charge your Zeus Arc twice!


  • 1 x Zeus Arc GT3
  • 1 x Zeus Arc HUB
  • 1 x Zeus Arc XTRUDER
  • 5 x Alcohol Wipes
  • 5 x Q-Tips
  • 5 x Pipe Cleaners
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Chamber Reducer Glass (Spacer)
  • 1 x Tool for exposing the airway
  • 1 x Operating instructions in English

Our conclusion on the Arc Vaporizer from Zeus

The Zeus Arc GT3 is an impressive vaporizer that brings powerful and potent features and hides in the palm of your hand. If you're looking for a portable, practical device with good craftsmanship, great features and a large chamber, the Zeus Arc might be for you!

Note: The device becomes very warm, especially during long use at high temperatures. Particularly sensitive people should pay attention to this!

Heat Up Time: 30 - 60 seconds
Replaceable Battery: No
Automatic Switch Off: Yes
Inhalation Method: Directly on the device
Energy Source: Micro-USB Battery
Material: Stainless Steel Aluminium Gold Plastic
Pass Through Function: No
Heating type: Conduction
Type of Device: Portable
Adjustable Temperature: Steps
Temperature Range: till 220°C
Use with: Cannabis Cannabis & Concentrates Concentrates Hash
Größe & Form: Pocket Size
Cleaning effort: Medium
Product weight: 0,12 Kg

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Total entries: 1
5 from 5 Really nice product! Top Quality

Ive had this vap for a week now. Plenty of charge left - battery life seems excellent. Feels great in the hand, nice and discreet (although i wish it had a stealth mode where the LEDs werent so bright). The vapour draw is smooth, cool and flavourful, low draw resistance and with lots of visible vapour on the exhale. Best ive ever tried from a portable vap (I had previously owned the Pax 1 and the Davinci Miqro and this one beats both on that front). And it really hits you! Overall extremely happy with this purchase.

., 16.12.2019
Total entries: 1

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