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Vestratto Anvil

Item number: 3462

The Anvil Vaporizer has a machanic akustic temperature control

Category: Vaporizer

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Anvil by Vestratto

Attention: We have the latest version with the integrated Stem!

The Anvil is a new mechanical vaporizer by Vestratto™. Completely made in Canada, it is constructed of 3 layers. The outer and inner layers are made of stainless steel with a copper core layer sandwiched between them. It has many similarities to a DynaVap as well, but need more time to heat up.

The Anvil ist the first Vaporizer that uses a copper core oven, to build up and preserve heat very efficiently. It has true airflow control and a thermal battery reservoir which retains a lot of heat. The Anvil can milk up any Bong and will leave you speechless and thinking that you must have combusted!

But you can also choose to not ride the line and have a soft and tastefull extraktion because the Anvil is also awesome when used with half bowls and micro-dosing. You have full control over the experience!

Anvil Assembly

What is the difference between the DuraCore and Copper Core versions?

The DuraCore is coated with 20 thousandths of an inch of stainless steel to better protect the CopperCore HeatSink. This new design was developed from feedback from the Anville community. Increasing the durability of the unit while maintaining the integrity of performance and vapor of the original design was one of the goals during etnvelopment.

The optimised ThermoCore Oven of the Anvil:

The latest creation from Vestratto is the improved ThermoCore Oven. Compared to the DuraCore, more mass has been added and an additional layer of stainless steel has been incorporated. In combination, this ensures even better heat retention and optimised function with induction heaters such as the WAND. We are convinced that the new ThermoCore Oven will improve the experience of ALL Anvillers. This is how the Anvil should perform right from the start! For all those who already use the Anvil, make the switch, you won't regret it. For everyone else, our recommendation would be to start directly with the ThermoCore Anvil.

Similarities with Dynavap:

  • flame powered
  • round shape design
  • temperature clicker


  • Copper Core More Evenly Heating
  • Clicker Measures Bowl Temp Not Cap Temp
  • Real Adjustable Airflow Through The Herb
  • Designed To Excel At Riding The Line (1 bowl fully extracted in 1 hit)
  • Changeable Bowl Types & Sizes
  • Natively Fits 14mm Female Down Stems

The copper used in the Anvil vaporizer is C110, the purest grade of oxygen free copper available. It is mined in Canada and Vestratto™ purchases large blocks of this pure copper which is then machined in house in Toronto Canada.

The CopperCore Oven consists of a thick Pure Copper center core encased in medical 316 Stainless Steel. Your vapor only ever contacts medical 316 Stainless Steel to keep your vapor pure and safe. The Anvil Copper Core gives you the supreme performance of Pure Copper with the safety of 316 Medical Stainless Steel.

Anvil Vaporizer Features at a glance:

  • Genuine Authentic Vestratto™ Original Product
  • Unique Advanced CopperCore Oven Technology
  • True Fully Adjustable Airflow
  • Medical Grade 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Purest C110 Oxygen Free Copper
  • Multiple Herb Chambers
  • 15mm / 0.58 Diameter
  • 100mm / 4.1 Length

Works With:

  • Dried Flowers and Herbs
  • Stable Concentrates (using screen sandwich method)
  • Linx Eden Lava Plates
  • 14mm Female Downstems
  • Water Tools or Natively
  • A Wide Variety Of Torch Lighters

What we love about Anvil:

  • Excellent workmanship
  • Extremely good vapor quality
  • Big clouds
  • Consistent results
  • Simple and easy to clean

What wcould be improved:

  • You can burn the herbs if you are not careful
  • The airflow cannot be adjusted during use (fixed in the latest version)
  • The Anvil stays hot for a long time after use
  • Learning curve is steeper than with Dynavaps
  • No user manual

Scope of Delivery:

  • 1 x Anvil (please choose color above)

Our Conclusion:

The Anvil by Vestratto™ makes a astounding first impression. It hits hard, its hits exactly like you want. It is full convection for best taste. It is easy to clean. Honestly we are highly impressed and we can recommend the Anvil to anybody that want to experience a full extraction of herbs in one strong hit!

Attention: The vaporizer should be thoroughly cleaned with water before the first use.

Pinch Point Condenser

Manufacturer FAQ:

You can find more tips and tricks for using the Anvil directly from the manufacturer Vestratto. We also recommend subscribing to Vestratto's YouTube channel.

Heat Up Time: 30 - 60 seconds
Replaceable Battery: No
Automatic Switch Off: No
Inhalation Method: Waterpipe Directly on the device
Energy Source: Butan Torch
Material: Aluminium Titanium Stainless Steel
Heating type: Convection
Type of Device: Portable
Adjustable Temperature: Acoustic
Use with: Cannabis Cannabis & Concentrates Concentrates
Größe & Form: Pocket Size
Cleaning effort: Low
Joint Size: 14,4 mm
Temperature Range: till 260°C
Mode: On Demand
Product weight: 0,04 Kg

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