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Sticky Brick Junior

Item number: 3276

The portable brick with a big punch.

Category: Mobile Vaporizer

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Sticky Brick Junior

The Junior is the most mobile Sticky Brick. The wooden shell, i.e. the Brick, protects and wraps the Junior for transport. The Junior comes with a smaller mouthpiece compared to the OG Brick. This means you can't see the vapor quite as well as in the other Bricks. However, the effect in the Junior is the best in our opinion. The learning curve is somewhat higher than, for example, the Sticky Brick Runt.

No Waste - 100% Pure Convection

The Sticky Brick Junior is very efficient, and only cooks your herbs when you inhale. You can take as long as you want to go through a bowl. Start one in the morning, and finish it off later in the day. The vapor quality with all Sticky Bricks is top-notch!

How to use the Sticky Brick Junior:

The Sticky Brick butan vaporizers are not as easy to use as a Mighty but are not hard to master either. You will need a good butan Torch Lighter and good butan as well. Don't go for a cheap option here. Depending on your skill level, either leave the restrictor disc inserted or take it out. Start with a medium grind and fill the oven to the top with a soft tamp. Patience is key, so take it nice and slow as you ease the halo of the flame into the intake, and use a soft, slow inhale before you ramp up the heat. Single flame torch lighters, like the one included, work perfectly with Sticky Brick vaporizers, but aren’t the only option. We recomend experimenting with different lighters, draw speed etc.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Cleaning and maintenance is quick and simple. We recomend brushing out the bowl after each session and clean the screens. It takes 10 seconds, and the more you stay on top of it, the longer you can go without changing the screens. Changing the screens is the only routine maintenance you’ll need to do. Do not iso soak the wood. If you have some really nasty places, we recommend putting a minimal amount of ISO on a brush/pipe cleaner but make sure to let the unit fully dry before you use it again.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Sticky Brick Junior (please select the wood above)
  • 1 x Butan Lighter (not prefilled)
  • 5 x Screens
  • 2 x Corks for the carb
  • 2 x Restrictor Discs (one installed)
  • 2 x Wooden stir sticks
  • 1 x Stainless stir tool
  • 1 x User Manual


Those who already know something about using butane vapes will love the Sticky Brick Junior. The finest materials and pure convection provide the best flavor. The Junior has the hardest kick of all the bricks and can be a challenge even for experienced vapers. Beginners should rather reach for the Runt or OG Brick.

Heat Up Time: 0 - 30 seconds
Inhalation Method: Directly on the device
Energy Source: Butan Torch
Material: Wood Glass
Heating type: Convection
Type of Device: Portable
Adjustable Temperature: No
Use with: Cannabis Cannabis & Concentrates Concentrates
Größe & Form: Medium
Cleaning effort: Medium
Mode: On Demand
Product weight: 220,00 Kg

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