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Linx Ares

Item number: 2577

Linx Ares - Honey Straw Pen Vaporizer for concentrates

Category: Vape Pens

99,90 €

including 19% VAT. , no shipping costs (Li-Ion Akkus)

Not in stock!

Linx Ares - Pen Vaporizer for conzentrate use only (Honey Straw)

The Linx Ares is a portable vaporizer for concentrates only. With the Honey Straw it is no longer necessary to fill the concentrate in the device. You will vaporize directly from the glass jar.

The ceramic atomizer heats up quickly and delivers incredibly strong vapor. Ceramic heating element, the glass mouthpiece and the vapor path made of stainless steel ensure clean and pure taste. Just hold down the on / off switch and immerse the ceramic rod of Ares in your wax. Two temperature settings allow you to choose between good taste and plenty of vapor. Magnetic lids for ease of use which can be snapped together when not on the device. The Ares offers a unique and comprehensive vapor experience.


Atomizer Coil-less ceramic rod atomizer.
Battery Lithium-ion battery recharges in 2 - 3 hours via USB. 750 mAH.
Heating Element Ceramic rod heats up instantly.
Material Vapor path is constructed entirely from medical grade components: ceramic rod, stainless steel and signature glass mouthpiece.
Dimension 15 mm (Diameter) x 165 mm (Length)
Weight 74g
Input 5v

Umboxing of the Linx Ares:


Powerful Vapor:The ceramic rod atomizer heats up fast and delivers incredibly powerful flavor. The Ares emphasizes fresh flavor thanks to its quality source materials and patented design.

No Reclaim: Ares eliminates the loading process. Simply dip the pen in your favorite extracts and get a fresh hit each and every time. No more reclaim and no more waste.

Patented Design: With its patented design and coil-less ceramic rod atomizer, the Ares delivers large vapor and incredible flavor, all in a sleek and discreet pen-shape style.

Easy Maintenance: The Ares can be disassembled into multiple components, making cleaning safe and easy. This leaves you with less work and more time for the good stuff.


Unscrew atomizer from battery.

Screw the USB Charger on battery and plug into a viable USB power outlet.

The LED light on the charger glows red while charging, and turns green once fully charged. Full charging takes 2-3 hours.

Battery will flash white 10 times when depleted. Charge the battery fully before next use.

How to use the Ares Vaporizer:

Press Power Button 5 times quickly to turn the device on or off. The button will blink 5 times. Device will flash 10 times and automatically shut off if left idle for 1 minute.

Press Power Button 3 times quickly to choose from low and high temperatures, respectively, 482°C and 593°C.

Place the atomizer rod into concentrate. Inhale while holding the power Button. Release the power button to stop heating.

If the power button is held down for 15 seconds, the battery will enter standby mode to prevent overheating. This is signified by the button blinking white 3 times. After one minute in standby mode, the device will flash 10 times and turn off.

Attention: The atomizer gets pretty hot while in use so let it cool down bevor touching it.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

  1. Completely disassemble the Device into parts.
  2. Use Isopropyl alcohol and Q-tips, swab all surfaces and air paths.
  3. Use the cleaning brush to clean air hole in the power button section.
  4. Do not submerge the battery in any liquid.
  5. Allow all components to dry completely.
  6. Reassemble the Linx Ares.

Pros- and Cons:


  • Extremely clean taste and big hits
  • Innovative and unique design
  • Excellent refined quality and build


  • Can be wasteful
  • Difficult to use with smaller amounts of wax.

Delivery includes:

  • 1x 750mAH Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 Ceramic Rod Atomizer
  • 1 Magnetic Atomizer Cap
  • 1 Magnetic Pen Cap
  • 1 Stainless Steel Sheath
  • 1 Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1 Ceramic Container
  • 1 USB Charger

Please note: Atomizer are wear parts and can be replaced as needed. Spare Parts for the Linx Ares can be found here.


Overall, the Linx Ares is a unique Pen vaporizer specially developed for wax lovers. It makes the use of concentrates a lot easier as the ares no longer has to be handled, which can often be the most frustrating part of the session. However, to effectively use the Linx Ares, the wax container must be fairly full of concentrate because it is not nearly as effective at low levels. For people who steam a lot of concentrate and demand very good and pure taste, the Ares is a clear buy recommendation. Dabbing is fun!

Heat Up Time: 0 - 30 seconds
Replaceable Battery: Yes
Inhalation Method: Directly on the device
Energy Source: Micro-USB Battery
Material: Ceramic Stainless Steel
Pass Through Function: No
Heating type: Conduction
Type of Device: Portable
Adjustable Temperature: No
Use with: Concentrates
Größe & Form: Medium Pen
Cleaning effort: Medium
Product weight: 0,08 Kg

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