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Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

Item number: 2512

State-of-the-art technology meets the best taste. We present the new Ghost MV1.

Category: Vaporizer Museum

285,00 €

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The Ghost MV1 by GhostLabs is a portable vaporizer. It can be filled with both herbs and concentrates. Trough convection heating the steam remains pleasantly cool and tastes very delicious. The pronounced aroma is equally present in herbs and concentrates.

What are the key features of the Ghost MV1?

The Ghost MV1 Vaporizer has some unique features that set it apart from other vaporizers

  • Compatible with Herbs & Concentrates (Dual Use)
  • *On-demand convection heating - heats the herbs immediately and provides a great taste
  • Retractable glass mouthpiece - cools the steam and adjusts the draw resistance
  • Removable herbal and wax chamber - facilitates cleaning
  • 4 preset temperature levels. 3 for herbs and one for concentrates
  • Fast heat-up time
  • Pleasantly cool steam
  • Just one button - makes operation easier
  • Comes in 4 stylish colors (just select above)

*On demand heating means that the Ghost MV1 is ready for use at any time. You do not have to vaporize all herbs at once. You can take a hit and leave it there sitting till next time. The herbs are not further vaporized and thus do not lose their effect.


This vaporizer is not really small and portable. But it fits in a wide pocket, similar to the Mighty. We recommend that you carry the device in a backpack. As a portable vaporizer for home use it is perfect. The retractable glass mouthpiece is very practical. It is protected during transport by being able to hide it in the device. The Ghost MV1 is comfortable to hold despite its size. The keys are well placed. The operation is intuitive.

The fire button is on the back of the device. It has to be pressed while inhaling. Use the mode button on the front panel to check the battery level and set the desired temperature. Since the Ghost MV1 has no display, only preset levels can be selected here. For full control of the device, we recommend using the app. The chamber holds roughly about 0.13 gram. It is slightly smaller than with many other vaporizers. The device is available in 2 stylish colors: black chrome and nickel. Unfortunately, the high-gloss variants are easily scratched. These versions are also true fingerprint magnets.

Design advantages

  • Stylish and futuristic look in 4 different colors
  • Ergonomic design - feels comfortable in the hand
  • Modular design offers versatility
  • The retractable glass mouthpiece cools the steam and can regulate the airflow.

Design disadvantages

  • Fingerprints are visible. The device must therefore often be cleaned from the outside.
  • The MV1 can stand upright. But it is easily knocked over if you are not careful.
  • The Ghost MV1 consists of several parts that could break apart on impact.

How to use the Ghost MV1?

Even if it does not look like it at first glance, the Ghost MV1 can easily be filled with herbs or concentrates.

Use with herbs:

  1. Remove crucible and fill (not too tight), refit crucible + lid
  2. Press and hold the mode button to enter the temperature control mode
  3. Press the vape button and wait a few seconds, the ghost vibrates when it is ready.
  4. Bring the mouthpiece to the desired length. During inhalation, the vape button must be pressed.

Use with concentrates:

  1. Remove the crucible and insert the concentrate cushion.
  2. Drop a small amount of wax onto the cushion and put the crucible with lid back in the vaporizer.
  3. Press the Mode button and select the preset concentrate temperature.
  4. Press and hold the vape button until the unit vibrates. Expand mouthpiece to desired length and inhale.

Adjusting the temperature levels and reading the battery indicator are more difficult than expected. By stepwise pressing the button on the back, you get to the settings. The device skips steps sometimes. The color-specific LED display was not that easy to read. Here we would have wished that the manufacturer had put a little more time in the navigational menu.

Since the crucible cover does not latch securely, removing and replacing the crucibles requires a bit of practice. The cover sits on top of the crucible, so you have to be careful when inserting the crucible back into the vaporizer. Caution: The crucible gets very warm. It is best to wait a while before replacing it.

How to use the GHOST MV1 Video by GhostLabs

How does the Ghost MV1 works?

Cool air flows through the air intake valves, passing outside the cooling and herb chamber. The incoming air then hits the heating coil and is heated up quickly. The heat is spread evenly over the stainless steel plate, thus ensuring a uniform heating of the herbs. The vapor is then forced through the cooling chamber before entering the glass mouthpiece.

Performance and vapor quality

The MV1 has been engineered to produce a great deal of vapor and flavor. Herbs evaporate phenomenally. Due to the very low draw resistance, very deep and long pulls are possible. Cough comes from the amount of steam rather than from an irritation of the lungs during vaporization. Higher temperatures produce significantly larger vapor clouds. However, the MV1 produces the best taste at moderate temperatures. Concentrates are also thoroughly evaporated. There are almost no residues left in the crucible.

Smartphone App

Via the app for OSX or Android you can set the temperature, update the latest firmware or check the battery level. The temperature (levels) of the Ghost can also be controlled via the power button. The app is not required for the Ghost MV1 to work. The Device has 4 pre-set temperature levels on the device (3 settings for herbs and 1 for concentrates / extracts). With the GHOST app additional temperature settings are available and can be customized as well. 2 additional adjustable temperature settings allow full control and flexibility over the temperature for herbs and concentrates. These settings can be saved. The app can lock the device if necessary. No stranger can vaporize with the device if you do not want it. The app connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and is available at

Battery life

The battery life of the Ghost MV1 is excellent. We got a lot of sessions from a fully charged battery. Performance deteriorates as battery life wears off. With a fully charged battery, thick clouds can be generated even at level 2. At battery level 1 we had to go to level 4 to get the same vapor quality. Charging with the included USB cable takes a long time. Best load overnight. There is a fast charger, which unfortunately is not included in the box. It can be purchased separately. In addition, it may be useful to buy a second battery to stay flexible and independent. We recommend to fully charge the battery before using it for the first time.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The crucible can simply be placed in isopropyl alcohol. The cooling chamber can be disassembled and also cleaned with alcohol. Attention: Do not insert the parts for a long time. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry. To speed up the drying process, you can also use a fan or hair dryer. According to the manufacturer the rubber seals should not be cleaned with alcohol. The device can be cleaned with a dry cloth. Alcohol or other cleaning agents should not be used. Be careful not to have any change or key in the same bag or pocket as the Ghost MV1. This can lead to scratches on the surface of the device.

Tips and Tricks when dealing with the Ghost MV1

The device overheats: What can you do?

Overheating is indicated by vibration and a red warning light. The device can only be used again after cooling down. Reasons can be:

  1. The jar is too full. As a result, the hot air cannot move quickly enough through the device and collects under the filling chamber.
  2. Another reason could be too slow draws. This can cause the heat to build up underneath the chamber. We recommend to pull a little harder than with most vaporizers.
  3. To speed up the cooling process, you can remove the battery and filling chamber and open the door. Blowing on to the MV1 can also help for a quicker cooldown.

We recommend reading the manufacturer's FAQs. This is where GhostLabs summarized the most important questions.

The manufacturer states that the herbs do not need to be stirred during the session. But it can help to evaporate the herbs more evenly. Just try it and see if it helps.


  • Size in cm (L x W x H): 12.7 x 5.07 x 3.5
  • Weight: about 340 grams
  • Warranty: 2 years by the manufacturer (can be extended by registering through the app)
  • Materials: metal alloy, stainless steel, glass, ceramic, silicone
  • Temperature range: from 140 ° - 220 ° Celsius (without app)

What is in the box?

The set comes complete with accessories for herbs and concentrates

  • 1x Ghost MV1 Dual Use Vaporizer
  • 1x replacement jar with lid
  • 1x cushion for concentrates
  • 1x micro USB cable
  • Cleaning materials
  • Filling aid
  • 1x user manual

Final Thoughts for the MV1

The Ghost MV1 is very versatile, looks cool and performs very well. The high is very intense and long lasting. The Ghost MV1 offers instant on-demand heating and the taste is always top notch. The very low draw resistance is an important factor that allows particularly deep and long inhalation. The glass mouthpiece keeps the steam pleasantly cool.

We would have liked a display and the possibility to set the temperature to the degree. Unfortunately, this is only possible with the app. But there are preset temperature levels. If you do not have a smartphone, you should opt for the Mighty instead.

Unfortunately the Ghost is a little too big to be a mobile vaporizer. The removal and insertion of the crucible takes some practice. Likewise, the menu navigation is not intuitive enough. Extra-long battery life, fantastic taste, a great high and very big clouds make up for these disadvantages.

Product weight: 0,35 Kg

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