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CBD Hemp flowers

CBD hemp flowers in different varieties

CBD hemp flowers, also called "CBD grass" or "cannabis bowls", are the female buds from hemp. There are cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system to which the active ingredients can dock. The effect is calming.

CBD is cannabidiol. CBD and THC are two of about 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Mainly THC has a psychoactive effect, CBD does not.

Hemp flowers have up to 20% content of CBD if they have been refined, otherwise more like 6%. Other cannabinoids and terpenes are also present. The THC content is low at about 0.2%. With higher CBD content, the THC content is also higher, but this is undesirable in that case.

The sedative effect of hemp flowers is often stronger than CBD oil. They are also more economical in the long run. With CBD hemp flowers, it all comes down to quality; if you buy cheap, you often buy twice.

With a vaporizer you can vaporize the CBD flowers. Depending on your taste, you can also drink them as tea. The extracts are also often bought as oil or consumed in the form of gummy bears. However, the bioavailability is particularly good when inhaled. It indicates when and how strongly the ingested substance acts in the body.

What is the effect of CBD?

Depending on the variety, CBD can stimulate (e.g., the sativa variety) or calm (e.g., indica). Often, a pleasant and relaxing feeling sets in. Especially with sleep disorders, anxiety or pain CBD can help. CBD lasts about 2-4 hours. In general you can expect the following effects:

  • calming
  • analgesic
  • anxiety-relieving anti-inflammatory
  • anticonvulsant

Side effects may include low blood pressure, dry mouth, fatigue, diarrhea and loss of appetite. Doctors prescribe medical hemp or cannabis flowers e.g. for cancer patients, for rheumatism and arthrosis or e.g. for migraine. There is a great potential in the cannabis plant, also for home use: hemp seeds are a good source of amino acids, building blocks of proteins - a superfood.

Some people feel a strong effect, others don't notice anything. It depends on the dose and on your own constitution. Those who have few fat cells feel more. In some people a gene mutation also ensures that they feel nothing. Sometimes you have to take it for a long time to notice an effect. The good thing is that CBD is not addictive, according to the WHO.

What should I look for when buying CBD flowers?

Buds with a lot of CBD are often varieties that are not 100% naturally pure, but subsequently refined. Terpene profiles serve as a seal of quality for CBD cannabis flowers. Detailed information on climate, harvest time, etc. is stored here.

Hemp plants should have been grown without the use of pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. Mold, mildew or insect infestation should be absent as a minimum requirement. Make sure the color is as light as possible. The resin should be milky cloudy. If they are natural, they will not crackle when vaporized.

In online stores, CBD flowers are often sold by weight. Here, stems and seeds can be included. There should be no other plant parts besides the flower.

At Verdampftnochmal you get the best quality for your money! The hemp varieties were grown in Italy. The different taste tempts you to go on a voyage of discovery, which our fine assortment offers you.

The products consist of EU-certified hemp flowers, registered in the EU variety catalog.