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Camouflet Convector

Item number: 3986

J feeling at your fingertips and full convection for best taste.

Category: Mobile Vaporizer

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Camouflet Convector

Camouflet is a young company working tirelessly to bring a new generation of vaporizers with innovative design and technology to the market. The vaporizers are developed and tested in North America by a small team of passionate individuals and hobby vapers. Camouflet is 100% self-funded.

It's time to introduce the Convector full convection to the community. It is the result of a desire to bring an ultra-compact, convection-based device to the market. Years of testing, countless hours of development and a lot of love have gone into it.

The Convector is a small, powerful solution for portable convection vaping. In addition to providing a convection experience, the focus was on integrating high-quality ceramics for cooling and flavor, keeping thermal mass to a minimum, having simple and easily reproducible heating profiles and maintaining compatibility with the existing ecosystem (e.g. DynaVap).

Camouflet is committed to environmental sustainability and uses the best approaches to maintenance, packaging and EOL recycling. The Convector comes in a bamboo tube instead of plastic and is made almost entirely of metal and ceramic.

How to use the Convector:

The Convector is a similar battery-less "one-hitter" style device to the well-known DynaVap vaporizers, but with unique features:

  • Convection heating with unsurpassed heating and cooling times
  • Wide open airflow
  • Ceramic air path, great for cooling and flavor

The chamber holds approx. 0.1 - 0.2g. Place the material of your choice loosely into the Convector heating chamber (do not pack the chamber too tightly, the Convector needs an airflow to draw properly), place the Convector cap on the chamber. Heat the tip of the cap and then inhale through the opening of the stem.

The Convector can be heated with any heat source, for optimum performance we recommend using the Convector in conjunction with an induction heater or a single-burner butane lighter such as the Honest Torch with flint.

If you are heating the convector with an induction heater, you can practice heating without material in the chamber and/or with just the cap by placing it on a thin object (a sewing needle or toothpick - something thin) and inserting the cap into the coil area. This way you will find the best position for heating the cap in the heater compared to heating the chamber.

The convector is a non-heat-regulated appliance where the heating methods and heating duration are left to the user. Thanks to the convection design, a variety of heating profiles can be used with good results.

The material of the heating plate was chosen for its efficiency in induction heating. One of Camouflet's main objectives during development was to keep the thermal mass of the cap as low as possible to enable a lightning-fast heating time.

Tips for heating the Convector:

  • Single-flame lighter recommended.
  • Set the burner/lighter in the middle to full power. The tip of the flame should touch the cap.
  • Start by aligning the flame with the contour of the cap towards the tip and move it towards the inlet hole/top of the cap. When the cap starts to glow slightly orange, you are on the right track and have reached a good temperature for inhalation.
  • Cold start/first pull 5-8 seconds after heating up. Do not inhale while the intake fan is heating up to avoid combustion.
  • IMPORTANT! We recommend filling the chamber HALF FULL OR LESS at first until you have familiarized yourself with the heating techniques. This will increase the distance between the heater and the herb in the chamber, preventing burning. The Convector is very powerful and efficient. Even with smaller loads, strong effects and great vapor production are possible.
  • Less is more.

Cleaning of the Convector and its parts:

All convector components can be easily cleaned by soaking them in isopropyl alcohol followed by a hot water bath.

Technical specs of the Convector:

  • Size: 85mm (length) x 11mm diameter
  • Chamber to Stem Interface: 8mm
  • Stem Bore: 8mm
  • Chamber Inner Diameter: 9.2mm
  • Chamber Depth: 11mm
  • Chamber Volume: 731 cubic mm
  • Ceramic Tube: Single Bore or Quad Bore pure ceramic
  • Ceramic Tube Max Temperature: 1800 C
  • Ceramic Tube Thermal Conductivity: 37.1 W/m-K
  • Weight Stainless Steel : 20,5g
  • Weight Titanium : 12,5g
  • Balance point: 35mm from mouthpiece
  • Heating Plates Conductivity: 28.7 W/m-K
  • Heating Plates Max Temperature: 1100 C
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Titanium, Ceramic, Viton Sealing Rings

Sourcing Information:

  • Stainless Steel - Machining done in China, material certified
  • Titanium - Machining done in China, material certified
  • Stainless Steel Heating plates - Produced in USA
  • Ceramics - Produced in USA
  • Sealing Rings -Sourced from USA Supplier

Tips for using the Convector from Camouflet:

  • A medium to coarse grind is best for maximum airflow. A fine grind works well, but requires more attention to draw speed and technique.
  • Easily fills the chamber with the desired material; the Convector works well with dry herbs and concentrates. Gently tap the side of the device when filling to prevent clogging. DO NOT PACK THE CHAMBER TOO TIGHTLY. Smaller loads require more heating power as the herbs are further away from the heating plates. We recommend covering the entire surface of the chamber screen to achieve good convection performance, otherwise extraction will be much slower and inefficient.
  • To place the cap on the chamber, simply hold the convector upright and tilt the cap slightly from the side so that the fins touch the edge of the chamber. Hold the appliance still and turn the cap onto the chamber.
  • Keep the convector upright and/or horizontal during heating. If you heat the cap while the appliance is upside down, the heat will spread to unwanted areas.
  • Heat with the induction heater (e.g. the wand): Inserts the tip of the convector until the appliance starts the heating process. Cold start/first pass requires longer heating times, subsequent passes require shorter heating times.
  • Heating with a lighter: Aim the flame at the tip of the cap while turning the Convector slowly in your hand. If the flame is directed deeper onto the cap and chamber, the heat will spread to unwanted areas and affect the convection behavior. The result is a hybrid and more conduction-based experience that some people may actually prefer. When the flame is directed deeper into the cap and chamber area, there is a much higher risk of combustion and the learning curve is steeper.
  • Heat only the heating cap!
  • Smooth and even inhalation for optimum extraction.
  • If the stem feels hot after pulling, slow down your pulling speed.
  • You can heat the cap again as soon as you want to continue your session.
  • The cap cools down quite quickly after heating. Place it on a magnet or blow on the cap to speed up the cooling process.

One of the advantages of not having an audible bimetal in the cap is that you don't have to wait for a cooling/resetting click. You can start heating up the cap again immediately, saving heating fuel and electricity.

Questions about the Convector:

  • Do you apply heat when inhaling or do you preheat and then inhale? The cap is heated first before you inhale. You can also heat while inhaling, but this requires more technique and a longer learning curve as the risk of burning is greater.
  • How open is an open airflow? The airflow is really wide open, only the chamber screen is in the air path. The Quad Bore Ceramic Tube has a much higher draw restriction, but cools the vapor much better than the Single Bore.
  • Water filter compatibility? The Convector fits natively on all grindings with 10mm.
  • Butane torch lighter or normal lighter for heating? A butane lighter is recommended. A Bic lighter leads to soot deposits and the flame does not allow precise heating of the tip of the cap. However, a BIC lighter can also be used in tricky situations.
  • Is the heating element in the cap? Yes!
  • Is the cap magnetic? Yes, the cap is magnetic. You can therefore use a magnet or the Dynavap accessories to remove it. The cap only needs to be pressed down slightly on the Convector to create a firm connection and grip the chamber. Do not apply pressure to the cap, it is easier to remove when hot.
  • Is the chamber screen replaceable? Yes, the chamber strainer is removable, the heating plates in the lid are friction-locked and should not be removed.
  • Is it possible to use it as a OneHitter? Yes, a complete extraction at once is possible with the right technique = chamber pack + heating point and timing.
  • Can the Convector be used with stems from other manufacturers? Yes, all components of the Convector can be used with 8mm stems from Dynavap, Simrell or Mad Heaters.
  • Does the Convector have a learning curve? YES! To really get the best flavor and the full potential of the Convector, a lot of experimentation is required. The result is unique on the vaporizer market. Take your time and DO NOT pack the chamber too tightly and pull carefully and not too hard! You should really ONLY heat the cap and not the tip.
  • What is the difference between the single and quad ceramic condensers? The draw speed is directly related to the cooldown. So the Quad Condenser offers you a little more heat and a slightly slower cool-down during your session.

What is the best way to use the Convector with the Wand induction unit?

The cap of the Convector activates the Wand when it is inserted at a slight angle. You can test this and familiarize yourself with the heating techniques by placing the cap on the Wand and tilting it until you find the right angle. This way you can insert the cap as deep as possible and only heat the tip of the cap where the heating plates are located.

How to assemble the Convector:

  • The O-rings of the ceramic tube can be difficult to fit onto the tube. To insert the tube and the O-rings into the stem: put a little saliva on the O-rings or dab a drop of water on the O-rings, place the first O-ring on the outermost edge of the tube and place this end with the O-ring at an angle when inserting it into the stem.

If you would like to delve deeper into the subject, we recommend, assuming you have some knowledge of English, the Thread for the Convector on Fuck Combustion recommended.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Camouflet Convector (Please choose your version above)
  • 1 x Quad and/or Single Bore tube
  • 4 x Viton O-Rings

Bottom line:

The learning curve for the tastiest vapor is steep, but even that can be appealing to some customers. However, the Convector delivers a unique, delicious, convection-focused vapor signature that enthusiasts and collectors alike will enjoy. "Details make perfection, but perfection is not a detail".

Heat Up Time: 0 - 30 seconds
Inhalation Method: Directly on the device
Energy Source: Butan Torch
Material: Titanium Stainless Steel
Heating type: Convection
Type of Device: Portable
Adjustable Temperature: No
Use with: Hash Cannabis
Größe & Form: Pocket Size
Cleaning effort: Low
Mode: Both
Product weight: 0,03 Kg

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