Mobile Vaporizer

Every day a new portable vaporizer appears with great features and accessories. It is an exciting time for vape enthusiasts worldwide. But what is the right portable vaporizer for you? Portable vaporizer buyers guide: What should you know before buying? A portable vaporizer has to do a...(more)

Table Vaporizer

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Vape Pens

What is a pen vaporizer? Vape pens allow you to enjoy dry herbs, oils and wax in a simple and effective way. They are very similar to e-cigarettes and offer a great alternative to traditional smoking. There are devices that are designed to use only with dry herbs. Other so-called dab pens are...(more)

Vaporizer Bundles

We always compile bundles of different vaporizers and / or accessories for you. The sets from Vapman, for example, are very popular. Here you get the vaporizer (Classic or Basic) as well as the heating station and can save money. The vaporizer sets are also particularly suitable as gifts for...(more)

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