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Merlin400 Extraktor

Item number: 3613

This is the next level extraction device!

Category: BHO Extraction

starting from
999,00 €

including 19% VAT. , no shipping costs (Standard)

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  • Different sizes for different applications.

  • The syringe is perfect for mixing terpenes into the Drizzle extract.

  • Replacement tube for the Merlin400 for drizzling.

  • Replacement glass for the Merlin400.

  • Filter used for extraction on Merlin400.

  • A smaller tube for less material

  • Pharma graded isopropanol 99,9% purity used when extracting on Merlin400.

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Merlin400 Extraktor

Merlin400 is the world’s first completely automated, small-scale alcohol extractor for the domestic production of high-quality ... extracts. It gives you full control over the central extraction parameters while being fully automated and incredibly easy to use.

Key Features:

  • Completely Automated: The Merlin400 is a closed-loop alcohol extractor designed to work at the press of a button. It extracts everything from buds to hemp leaves and crafts a finished oil extract automatically. The Extraction parameters are optimized so you will get the perfect oil every time.
  • High extraction yield: The proprietary extraction process yields up to 95% of the available cannabinoids while virtually eliminating chlorophyll and other foul-tasting pigments in the final product. It is the easiest way of creating your personal rich-tasting full-spectrum extract suitable for both oral consumption and use in e-cigarettes.
  • Compact & easy to use: Do not be fooled by the small dimensions (23x22x20cm). It is an innovative powerhouse capable of extracting from 20 to 45 grams of cannabis or hemp at once while fitting neatly on your kitchen counter. All you have to do is put your herbs in the machine and press a button – the rest is automatic.
  • For the good herbs: You can use all parts of the plant that contains cannabinoids: Rich buds, trim, or leaves. It also works exceptionally well with industrial hemp for the manufacture of full-spectrum CBD oil. Use legally purchased cannabis, hemp, or grow your own if local legislation permits it.



  • Extraction efficiency: Up to 95% cannabinoids from your plant material, depending on herb quality and extraction settings.
  • Load capacity: 20-40 grams of plant material pr extraction.
  • Terpenes: Extracts the plant’s full spectrum terpene profile that are retained in the final product due to the gentle vacuum distillation of the extract.
  • Extraction time: 1,5-3 hours, depending on settings.

Compatible herb material types:

  • Good buds
  • CBD buds
  • Trim
  • Material with seeds
  • Industrial hemp flower
  • Blended industrial hemp
  • Cannabinoid state after extraction: Non-decarboxylated – built-in optional decarboxylation program.
  • Distillation temperature: 45 degrees Celsius ( 113 degrees Fahrenheit )
  • Pressure during distillation: 200mbar

Extraction solvent

  • Compatible extraction solvent: 99% Isopropanol.
  • Alcohol reservoir size: 600 mL.
  • Alcohol loss per extraction: 200 mL (residual alcohol retained in the wet plant material).

Technical Specifications

  • User interface: Built-in push-button interface and/or app control over WiFi
  • Build material: PET, food-grade approved according to EC 10/2011/EU
  • Electrical: Voltage 100-240VAC – 50/60 Hz. Power use up to 100 W
  • Size: D x W x H = 210 x 210 x 235 mm
  • Weight: 2,5 kg


  • CE Certified
  • Melt fuse protected
  • Alcohol sensor detects potential spills and shuts down the machine

Operating system: Linux

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Merlin400
  • 1 x liter pharma grade isopropanol
  • 20 x Custom Filters
  • 1 x Piston
  • 1 x Funnel
  • 1 x Herb Tube
  • 1 x Filter Holder
  • 1 x Tube Holder
  • 1 x Oil Glass
  • 10 x Glass beads
  • 2 x Valve Balls
  • 1 x 60 ml Syringe
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x Manual (EN)

Upgrades and price increase for 2024:

There was a lot of tinkering in 2023 and so there were also a few improvements to the Merlin400. Some of these required an upgrade of key hardware components - most notably the pump and data storage. While this leads to a significant improvement in performance and durability, it also has an impact on the price.

Below you will find an overview of the improvements to the Merlin400 that were implemented in the last quarter of 2023:

New pump:

The new pump was selected and developed specifically for Merlin400 in collaboration with pump manufacturer Kamoer. The diaphragms of the new pump are made of a new material selected for its durability and flexibility.

New data storage:

The Merlin400 contains a small computer. The operating system and firmware are physically located in this computer, and with the improved data storage there is an increase in the stability and performance of the device.

Software updates:

The firmware that controls the extraction process has been updated several times in the 2 years since the Merlin400 has been available. There has been one problem that has only occurred in very rare cases. Namely when the Merlin400 is operated in very hot ambient conditions. The internal temperature control has therefore been fundamentally revised and now works with a more dynamic control that prevents the low risk of overheating and melting.

Stronger 3D printing:

The thickness of the walls in the distillation chamber has been increased and the way in which they are printed has been improved. These walls are exposed to high temperatures, alcohol vapours and vacuum. The thicker walls and the improved printing technique ensure a significantly improved durability of the entire hardware. The price for this is a higher consumption of 3D printing filament and a longer printing time, but the longer durability clearly outweighs this.

Improved lift system:

The lift system fulfils two functions: It keeps the oil collection glass close to the distillation chamber and keeps the heat bed close to the oil glass. With the new lift system, the tension created when the parts are held together is kept inside the lift system. This prevents the "cracking" that could occur with previous models over time and increases the longevity of the system - and therefore the overall longevity of the Merlin400.

Using improved 3D printing techniques, manufacturer Drizzle has increased the strength and durability of the distillation chamber, lid and caps. The pump is probably the most important and most stressed part of the Merlin400. While the old pump worked well under normal conditions, Drizzle has decided to upgrade to a pump with stronger, more flexible diaphragms that is durable and performs better in both very cold and hot environmental conditions.

Overall, the improvements make sense and make the Merlin an even better extraction machine. For the reasons mentioned, the price of the Merlin has been adjusted slightly upwards. In return, however, you get a significantly improved version of the Merlin400 that is no longer so susceptible to teething troubles.

Product weight: 2,85 Kg

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