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The first portable vaporizer with integrated water filter for clean and good-tasting vapor.

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We are very happy to introduce you to the Hydrology9. It is the first portable vaporizer with integrated water filter. Through a water filter, the vapor is additionally cooled and filtered. As a result, the Hydrology brings very gentle and good-tasting vapor. A small revolution in the vaporizer market.


The features of Hydrology9 at a glance

Name of the DeviceHydrology9
TypePortable Vaporizer
Heating MethodHybrid
MaterialsAluminum, Borosilicate Glass, Ceramic, Stainless Steel
Featuresbuilt-in water filter, even evaporation by stirring technology
Adjustable TemperatureYes, 5 Different Settings
Uptime120 Seconds, after that 60 Seconds Stand By Mode
Auto-off functionYes after 10 Minutes
Pass Through FunctionYes
Heat Up Timeapprox. 60 Seconds
Runtimeapprox. 10 - 15 Sessions
Charging Timeapprox. 2 - 3 Hours via USB
Battery2000 mAh lithium polymer battery
Chamber SizeApprox. 0,2 - 0,3 Gramm
Size17 x 4 cm
Weight413 Gram
Warranty2 Jahre

Hydrology9 Review

We took a closer look at the device, tested it and share our experiences with you. Here you will find everything you need to know to start vaporising directly. Here we go:

Design and Build Quality

The Hydrology9 is beautiful and has a feeling of high quality. At first glance the design does not look like a vaporizer. The LEDs make a pleasant light and are a real eye-catcher. The processing from the outside is good. Unfortunately, the magnetic lid does not fit 100% on the borosilicate glass mouthpiece. But that does not affect the functionality of the device.


The patented water filter system is one of the special features of this vaporizer. By filtering unwanted particles out, the vapor becomes very pleasant and you can take massive hits, without feeling a scratch in the throat. In the lid of the herbal chamber a small hook is integrated. With it you can stir the herbs during the session without having to open the chamber.

Fill the device with herbs and water

  • Twist the lower chamber cover counterclockwise to remove it.
  • Fill the chamber with ground material of your choice.
  • Twist the bottom chamber cover clockwise until it is tightened and secured.
  • Twist counter clockwise to remove both the borosilicate glass mouthpiece and the aluminium anti-leak top cover.
  • Fill the chamber with ground material of your choice.
  • Fill the top opening with liquid to the desirable level. (We recomend not to fill in excess of 70% of the water chamber.)
  • Twist clockwise to remount the glass mouthpiece

Operation and Temperature Control

The device is switched on and off by pressing the start button 3 times. When the Hydrology is turned on, you can select each of the 5 temperature levels by pressing the Operation button repeatedly until the desired temperature level is reached. All you have to do is wait for the flashing LED to turn green and start inhaling. The levels are as follows: Blue LED Lowest Level, Yellow LED Level 2, Orange LED Level 3, Lilane LED Level 4, Red LED Highest Level. A constant Green Light indicates that the vaporizer is ready. During the inhalation phase, the previously set temperature is held for 120 seconds. Thereafter, the device is shut into standby mode for 60 seconds, which is indicated by a bright blue light. This completes a single session. To start another session, you can press the Operation key once and re-select the temperature. The heatup procedure is as described above. The device will switch off after 10 minutes in idle state.

Vapor Production and Taste

The Hydrology9 makes even at the highest level no fat clouds. The device has not been designed for this. The taste is very good and pure. By filtering with water, the steam is nice and cool and does not scratch. Thus it can be inhaled deep and long. The high is thus strong and long-lasting.

Battery Power and Charging Time

To check the current state of the battery while the device is on, press and hold the function button for 3 seconds to read the battery level. A full battery is indicated by a green LED. Half full you can see on a blue LED and a low battery is indicated by a red LED. When the battery is fully charged, 6-8 sessions can be done with the non replaceable installed 2000 mAh lithium-polymer battery. In our tests, the battery recharges completely in 2-3 hours. To charge the Hydrology, the device can be charged directly via a USB. Similarly, charging is also possible via the supplied cable directly from a power outlet. For this purpose, a commercially available adapter is additionally required. The LEDs will light red for about 3 seconds before charging begins. A steady red light indicates that the device is charging. If the LEDs are green, charging is complete.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Hydrology9 can be almost completely disassembled. This makes cleaning easy. To clean the device quickly, you can remove the mouthpiece and fill with clean water. Keep your hand on top of the device and shake it. The herbal chamber and the internal airflow are brushed clean with the tool. Uses the supplied tool to clear debris and clogged holes on the bottom agitator and inside air duct. The inner air duct can be screwed on using a small screwdriver and then cleaned with the large brush. The supplied tool is not good for it, as it bends fast. Caution: The Hydrology9 is leak-proof, but the following things will cause the liquid contained in the liquid chamber to leak. Air pressure in the water chamber of the unit causes the water to escape from the ground. If the device licks the gaskets, it may help to tighten the glass chamber slightly. The device does not shake or rotate 360 degrees several times. This can damage the waterproof design and cause minor leaks.


  • Beautiful futuristic design
  • High-quality materials
  • Smoothe vapor through the built-in water filter


  • Due to the many different items of the device, it can be a bit difficult to put the Hydroplogy9 together.
  • There is a small risk that the unit will leak and some water may drop out of the device.

Delivery Includes

  • 1x Hydrology9 Vaporizer
  • 1x AC Adapter & Charging Cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Cleaning Kit Set


The Hydrology9 is a true high-tech device, and its built-in water filter makes it a unique portable Vaporizer which will forever change the way you vaporize herbs. The smootheness and good-tasting vapor are two qualities that convince. If you like taste, you will enjoy this device.

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