Element Pocket Vaporizer

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This Vaporizer works only with muscel power. No fire, no electric, no gas just frictional heating.

Category: Mobile Vaporizer

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This is the ultimate sports vaporizer made in Switzerland by Element. It works just with the power of your muscles.

A rotating heating wood warms up the herb chamber and you earn steam as a result.
Fix the drawstring for example at a door handle, pull the vaporizer serval times backwards and forwards.
While that the wood rubs against a heat exchanger made from copper, as a result you get steam from your herbs, depending on the practice you have.
You get nice tasty vapor.
The combination of swiss handmade, top qualitiy materials like hard wood and best mechanic stainless steel, and the manufacturing in limited editions makes this vaporizer a durable medical gadget .
1 x Element Pocket Vaporizer
1 x nice felt bag
4 x storage tubes
1 x extra drawstring
2 x extra nuts
3 x wood pick


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