Sublimator 45 mm Master Kit Stainless steel Stainless Steel Dabmaster Rerc Bubbler

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Sublimator 45 mm Master Kit for glass tubes.

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Sublimator Atomizer
Sublimator Heating Device
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Sublimator 45 mm Master Kit

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The Sublimator 45 mm Master Kit is a high quality vaporizer for medicin use, it breaks the vapor particles down into finer gas particles, making them easier on the lungs while still packing the power of a large water pipe and the flavor of a vaporizer. Get a full effect with one or two inhalations of 0,1 gram of herbs

After an initial heat up time of approximately ten minutes, the atomizer will reach thermal equilibrium via heat conduction. Once the unit is heated it is good to use for the set time of one hour. The new XLR 2.0 temperature control has been pre programmed to mimic the entourage effect of herbs gasification. It is designed with settings calibrated for herbs, concentrates, or for use simultaneously.


  • 1 x Sublimator Heater (choose above)
  • 1 x Monkey Controller with Timer 1h,2h, 3h
  • 1 x Power supply 220 Volt
  • 1 x Sublimator Stainless Steel Atomizer 14 mm and 18mm
  • 1 x Sublimator Heater Stand
  • 1 x Stainles Steel 45 mm adapter for Glass Tube
  • 1 x Master Stainless Steel Base with Oil Catcher
  • 1 x Whip Stainless Steel with adapter

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Attention: You have to clean the atomizer before use!

Disassemble the Atomizer and clean it with alcohol.