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Verdamper Parts

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Verdamper heating element 7-12 Volt

164,64 € *
item not available

Heating element for Verdamper

160,84 € *
Available now!

Verdamper Glass Bottle

starting from
96,41 € *
Available now!

Verdamper Herb Chamber

34,12 € *
Available now!

Verdamper Downtube large

34,12 € *
Available now!

Verdamper Herb Chamber - Male 18.8

34,12 € *
Available now!

Verdamper Basic Safety Valve

33,14 € *
Available now!

Verdamper Downtube small

32,17 € *
Available now!

Verdamper Safety Valve

31,19 € *
Available now!

Verdamper Inhalator Tube

31,19 € *
item not available

Verdamper adjustable transformator 7-12 Volt

29,15 € *
Available now!

Verdamper Basic glas angle piece

28,27 € *
item not available

Verdamper Power Supply

28,17 € *
item not available

Large De Verdamper Basic jar

26,32 € *
Available now!

Verdamper Basic jar small

23,39 € *
Available now!

Verdamper Basic 3 Hole Cork Lid

7,80 € *
item not available

Verdamper Glass Grease

7,21 € *
Available now!

Verdamper Basic 2hole Corktop

6,82 € *
item not available

Silicone Whip

5,85 € *
Available now!

Verdamper Screen

2,88 € *
Available now!

De Verdamper - Spare Parts & Accessories

Buy spare parts & accessories for De Vedamper online or at our store in Berlin. Heating elements, herb chambers, immersion tubes, valves, power supplies and more.

Our mission is to offer all spare parts from the vaporizer manufacturer. Thus making it is easy for you to quickly find the right spare parts. If there are any products missing, you can send us an email and we will get them for you as soon as possible.