Opening and filling with herbs
Remove the cap by twisting it anti-clockwise. Insert the funnel tube. Fill with finely chopped herbs up to the rim of the pan. Do not overfill otherwise the air cannot circulate. Take out the funnel tube, free the centre and rim of the pan from herbs with your finger or a toothpick and put the cap on. Blow away any clinging herbs or remove with a toothpick.

Hold the vapman by its wooden casing as illustrated and direct the tip of the flame exactly onto the apex of the copper pan. The heating time depends on the size of the jet flame. Here are some guidelines:
Length approx. 10 mm time approx. 5 – 6 seconds
Length approx. 15 mm time approx. 3 – 4 seconds
Length approx. 20 mm time approx. 2 – 3 seconds
At the beginning when the pan is cold, it must be heated twice at an interval of approx. two seconds. In this way the heat can be distributed evenly.

• vapman only works with jet-flame lighter.
• To avoid fingers getting burned, hold the vapman only by its wooden casing.
• Herbs can get burned if you heat up longer than indicated.
• When the copper bowl gets severly overheated (600°C / 1100°F) the gold coating will flake off. The vapman is still fully functional without the gold coating.
Please ask your aromatherapist or alternative practitioner about herbs and their use. You will also find valuable information in specialist books.
Caution, do not vaporize or inhale any unknown substances!

After heating, inhale from the mouthpiece gently and deeply for a max. of 15 sec. and min. 5 sec. Hold the substances in your lungs and breathe out again. For further inhalations only heat up once, as the pan will still be warm. If you do not feel any warm vapour, then you can heat it up again. The herbs should only change to a light brown colour. Herbs should never be dark or black (build-up of smoke), as this is not good for the lungs or for the vapman. With the recommended times and sensible inhaling you will develop an instinct for using the vapman.
Tipp: Heating up more often, but for a shorter time results in gentle and even vaporization of the herbs.

The process is over when you no longer feel any vapour and the herbs have turned brown. Remove the cap. After each filling, rub the aluminium strainer well with material or a paper towel. The aluminium strainer should always be clean. Empty out the herbs and clean out with a toothpick.
Tipp: Rub the strainer while he is still warm, the residues come off most easy this way.

The aluminium strainer, the air holes on the cap, and the air nozzles should not be clogged. Remove residues with a needle. The mouthpiece can be cleaned with alcohol or hot water. From time to time unscrew the aluminium strainer and clean with alcohol. Scrape off residues in the wooden cone.

• If the aluminium strainer has caved in, it can be bent back with a toothpick from the rear.
• For complete cleaning, the wooden cap and mouthpiece can be put into acetone.


vapman anleitung