Find some spezial tips about the Iolite

Iolite Vaporizer

A Few Tips:

Attention!! Mouthpiece removal!! The mouthpiece should be unscrewed only while its still warm, because the resin will stick to the thread, making it very hard to unscrew. New models have a metal thread, but even these can break due to sticky threads. In case the top chamber rotates while unscrewing, just lock it with a little gripper.

Iolite filling proceß: Hold the vaporizer in your hand with the gas valve upwards. Push the gas container vertically on the gas valve. Please make sure you use the right adapter (in case you need one) for the gas container, it is located in the cap of the container. It takes 2-5 seconds to fill the Iolite. The emißive gas is very cold and can freeze the surface of the device, this is normal and means no harm for your Iolite

After the filling, you should wait 3-5minutes before you start the unit. This is warm-up phase till the cold gas is warm again and ready to ignite. Often you can start right away, without waiting for the gas to warm up. When the gas is warm enough, you will be able to start the device with 2-4 ignition tries.

The brand of your gas is very important ! With cheap gas, the Iolite like many other jet flame lighters will not run, or not run properly. Make sure you always buy pure butane gas (Butane 1950). The gas we sell in our shop is our reference !

Emptying non-ignitable (cheap) gas: Hold the device upside down and away from the body. Then use the small end of the hand tool to gently push down the valve, so the gas can dispel properly. This may take up to 30seconds. Its difficult to use this method with the latest hand tool, just use a toothpick or a similar device to empty the gas chamber. Use the same method in case there is an air bubble in the gas chamber, which can occur after long time usage.

How much gas is still in the unit? Long time users will notice quickly that the Iolite doesn't heat so much anymore, and the heating intervals become much shorter.

After switching the Iolite off, the device will still continue to heat for about 1-5 times, that is completely normal.

Cleaning works very well with vinegar or alcohol and a cotton bud (Q-Tip). To make sure all the cleaning leftovers are gone, you should heat up the empty device a few times, otherwise you will taste the vinegar or whatever you used for cleaning.

The condensator is not really needed, it just makes inhaling harder, because you need much more power to draw in order to get good results.

My Iolite makes sounds and hißes: The little Iolite sometimes sounds like a small locomotive... sch,sch,sch........ That is normal as long as the unit functions properly.

The power button might be a little hard to switch, that's normal and not a malfunction.

Above 1400 meters sea level there might be problems with the Iolite, due to general ignition problems of butane in these altitudes. As soon as you are leß then 1400 meters, the unit should run normal again.

The right fill quantity: Let’s just say: More herbs means more vapor, just make sure you don't overload the herb chamber, you should always be able to draw easily.